Anti-Wrinkle with Sheep Placenta Extract

Years, Even Decades Of Damage Erased By This Revitalizing New Formulation. It’s Like Bathing Your Face In The Fountain of Youth…

wrinkle creamYou’ve read about it in the news, seen it on TV. It’s all the buzz among Hollywood’s glitterati… stem cell rejuvenation therapy for the skin. It’s been discovered that cells culled from sheep placentas have an amazing property… they can actually fade and in many cases almost eliminate those lines, wrinkles and creases we accumulate with age.

Not only that, it seems when properly applied, these specialized cells recreate a time when our skin was young and glowing, returning it to youthful elasticity. The cells actually self-regenerate, in effect, winding the aging-clock in reverse!
Why Sheep Placenta?
Sheep are used because of their sturdy immune systems and natural resistance to many diseases. But more importantly, studies have shown the proteins found in these specialized sheep cells are particularly compatible with the ones found in humans.

placenta creamUnlike other foreign cells, the sheep placenta stem cells don’t cause dangerous auto- immune reactions. Another reason is one of pure ethics… many of us would simply refuse to even consider using stem cells (rightfully so!) from a fellow human being.

And since the sheep placenta used is obtained after the lamb’s birth, there are no worries about unethical means of cultivation.

First Used In Exclusive, Swiss Rejuvenation Clinics

The first publicly obtainable treatments using sheep placenta therapy were found only in super high-end Swiss clinics – at the astounding cost of US $22,000! Plus, it was only available by injection, and took several injections to get the full benefits of the procedure. So… if you weren’t VERY well heeled, it was simply out of reach for us mere mortals.

The procedure of course was refined, and slowly the price came down. The most inexpensive product they now sell is still pretty darn pricey at $196 for a small bottle of skin serum.

NeuCell’s™ Sheep Placenta Extract Now Available To Everyone!

MaxaLife has now taken cellular rejuvenation to an entirely new level of both availability and affordability!

Youthful, supple, ageless skin can now be yours, without the expense and hassle of traveling to an exclusive Swiss boutique.

Not only will the sheep placenta formula in NeuCell give new vitality to aging cells, but it also:

  • Deeply Hydrates Dry Skin – further reducing those annoying fine lines and crow’s feet around our eyes as we grow older…
  • Helps Vanish Age Spots – those frustrating and unattractive skin pigmentations and blemishes that seem to crop up out of nowhere will start to fade away – many will even totally disappear!
  • Promotes Healing – NeuCell can actually help damaged skin heal itself, and in some cases markedly reducing any unsightly scars you may have…
  • Helps Keep Your Complexion Clear and Attractive – Sheep placenta therapy has been shown to reduce those ugly acne outbreaks, while tightening up your pores for a smoother, silkier skin!

4 Additional Skin Nourishing Factors

MaxaLife’s NeuCell Sheep Placenta crème doesn’t stop with just one ingredient! In

fact,this unique preparation contains four extra powerful, skin friendly components working in concert to further enhance your complexion and skin texture…

  • Manuka Honey – Nature’s Miracle From New Zealand. This unique honey hasnatural anti-bacterial and anti-viral fighting properties. In fact, it’s successfully used to combat skin irritations such as acne. Not only that, burns, wounds, sores,and scars are all conditions this amazing botanical honey has been known to help alleviate!
  • Lanolin – A well known staple in skin crème preparations, lanolin creates a natural barrier for keeping moisture inside the skin, helping to prevent that dry, flaky condition often experienced as we grow older.
  • Tocopheryl Acetate – Contrary to popular belief, a normal amount of sunlight is NOT your skin’s enemy. However, too much can damage your cells due to ultra- violet radiation damaging the skin’s DNA structure. This natural moisturizer helps protect the free radical and UV damage from happening.
  • Retinyl Palmitate – This gentle form of Vitamin A has shown to actually reduce wrinkles, lines and creases when used in skin conditioner preparations. This remarkable anti-aging antioxidant actually accelerates cellular renewal, while alsostimulating the growth of skin collagens – the substance which gives our skin that supple, elastic, youthful appearance.
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