How To Deal With The Effects Of Menopause, Don’t Let It Get You Down


So you have reached that time of your life where you are nearing menopause… now you are starting to suffer from some of the symptoms that unfortunately come with it.

Reaching this stage of your life can be very upsetting for many women, as it can make them feel that they are getting old or that their life is going to quick! Well let me tell you that you are not getting old at all, in fact – many women start witnessing these symptoms in their early 40’s, now that’s definitely not old.

Nearly every woman will notice early symptoms whilst they are still getting their period. This stage of fluctuating hormones is known as perimenopause and you may notice symptoms of night sweats or hot flashes. Fortunately, there are many ways you can now deal with and control these symptoms, including the use of herbal remedies which are known to be very effective.

So What Is Menopause?

Menopause is what is known as the stage when women come to the end of menstruation and fertility. This is defined as occurring 1 year following the last menstrual period.

It is a natural process that all women have to go through in their life and is certainly not a medical illness.  However, many women may suffer from emotional and physical symptoms that leave them feeling sadness and even loss.

Menopause Symptoms

There are a number of different symptoms that you may face before and during your menopause.

Let’s have a look at some of the most common:

Hot Flashes:

Between 75-85% of women will suffer from these symptoms during their menopause. Hot flashes are where you experience a sudden sensation of warmth spreading over your body, this in turn creates flushing or redness which can be particularly noticeable on the upper body, especially the face.

The cause of this is due to the body’s reaction to the hormone estrogen becoming decreased. In some cases, the decrease of this hormone is a gradual event meaning your hot flashes are few and far between, yet in others the decrease can be sudden.

Night Sweats:

Related to hot flashes, night sweats occur during the evening and at night. It is not classed as a sleep disorder as such, but a perspiration disorder that means you may sweat excessively during sleep time.

Loss of Libido:

Low libido can be frustrating for many. Therapists state that the problem should only be addressed if it is causing a problem in your everyday life.

Nearly everyone experiences cases of low libido at some point in their lives, but it is a common symptom for menopausal women.

Vaginal Dryness:

This is basically a loss of moisture in the vaginal area which can also lead to irritation and itching. When the estrogen levels in your body starts to decrease, the vaginal tissues become dry and less elastic, this in turn can lead to uncomfortable sex.

Mood Swings:

If you suffer from mood swings, life can effectively become a roller coaster ride, unfortunately this is another common symptom of menopause. If you are constantly suffering mood swings and it is affecting you or your family, seek the help of a doctor who may be able to help you with this common problem.

How To Deal With These Symptoms The Natural Way

Doctors are able to help you relieve the above symptoms, but you should be aware that pharmaceutical medications can in fact make matters worse and ultimately, you may suffer side effects of the drugs, leading to even more problems.

These days, alternative medication is become a big thing with many people preferring to manage their problems the healthy way and avoid the nasty side effects of un-natural drugs.

Some herbal remedies contain herbs that have been proven to be very effective in helping women through their menopause.

Let me tell you what those herbs are:

  • Soya Bean Extract – Not only does this extract help keep your heart and bones healthy, it also help prevent certain cancers and is known to be very effective for menopause relief.
  • Lycium Barbarum – This important ingredient again helps prevent cancer, diabetes and can also help with fertility. When this ingredient is added to a menopause formula, it can help alleviate some of the added health risks that menopausal women may face.
  • Rehmannia Glutinosa – This is a very important ingredient as it is known to stimulate hormone production in women. It can also regulate body temperature, minimising the risk of hot flashes.

If you are seriously considering the alternative healthy option to help you through your menopause, then it is imperative that you source a supplement containing the above ingredients. This will ensure that you don’t have to suffer while going through this sensitive time in your life.

The Supplement We have Developed…

How MX Menopause Factor Helps Boost Health

MX Menopause Factor can help boost your health to relieve menopause symptoms and fight many other issues that can be caused by this natural transition in life.

Even if you experience few or no symptoms, having protection from the long term risks associated with menopause is going to be very useful to your health.

When you need relief and health support for menopause, MX Menopause Factor is a great supplement to rely on.


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