Fighting Depression Using Fish Oil

Omega 3 Fish OilDepression can be a debilitating disorder than affect millions of people every day in America. There are several treatments for depression but they often involve dangerous medications and can be as dangerous as the disease itself. There are even documented instances where the medication has caused the depression to get worse and have resulted in suicide attempts by the patient.
An alternative to the dangerous medication is to use natural products to treat the disease. One of the products currently under testing is fish oil. Fish oil is a naturally occurring substance found in fish but is usually taken as a supplement. It is used in the capsule form because of the possibility of toxic chemicals which can be found in fresh fish, such as mercury and pesticides.

Fish oil contains omega 3 fatty acids which are polyunsaturated fats that cannot be produced in the human body. The two types of omega 3 fatty acids that are in fish oil, and can help combat depression, are DHA and EPA. Both of these fatty acids are found in the brain and can be used to restore some basic functions of the brain, such as the mood regulating centers that lead to depression.

DHA and EPA also help the treatment of depression by providing a sense of well being in the patient. This can cause an elevation of mood and help resolve the effects depression in the patients. The symptoms that can be treated with fish oil are anxiety, decreased sexual desire, sadness, insomnia and even suicidal tendencies.

Fish oil can help treat the symptoms of mild depression but please consult a doctor is your depression worsens or is not reduced by the use of fish oil. Depression is a serious disorder and should always be handled with the advice and knowledge of a medical professional.

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