Fighting LDL Cholesterol with Fish Oil

What should you do when you are trying to lower your triglycerides and your LDL starts rising? There are several ways to lower cholesterol but some of them involve using medications that can have serious side effects. There are also instances where a patient does not respond to medical treatment and an alternative method of reducing the cholesterol must be found.

One substance that is being used to treat high levels of LDL cholesterol is fish oil. Fish oil is a naturally occurring substance produced by fish that can be taken in a capsule form. You can also get fish oil by eating several different varieties of fish, but there are dangers in eating large amounts of fish every day. Fresh fish can contain mercury or pesticides, both of which can cause irreparable harm to the patient when consumed in even low quantities.

When you work to lower your triglycerides, you doctor may misinterpret the data and decide that you LDL cholesterol is higher than normal. They may want to put you on medication for this higher cholesterol, but that may not be necessary. If your doctor notices that your triglycerides are lower, then you should ask them about taking fish oil as a supplement instead of trying medication first.

The way to calculate your LDL cholesterol levels is fairly simple. You must subtract one fifth of the amount of your triglycerides from the total amount of your cholesterol minus the amount of your HDL cholesterol. This may seem confusing but if your triglycerides are at 400 and your total cholesterol is at 180 and your HDL cholesterol is at 45, then the total of your LDL cholesterol is only55 (1/5 of 400 is 80, 180 minus 80 minus 45 leaves 55 for your LDL cholesterol).

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